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Flipnote Hatena / Sudomemo / Paddy's Day / Beautiful Bus



FLIPNOTE HATENA CAME BACK... sort-of. With much, much less spin-off abuse and all!! But you can't currently add stars. BUT STILL, I'm just happy about it. It has chatroooms too, but also, guess who's about to knit a Rose Lalonde Laptop Cosy! ... Well... Not me. Yet! But I'm going to! I just need to go find some black wool to use for the centre thingy. Hmm... Paddy's Day was fun, although it was a bit cold. I got a mint milkshake at this place called Four Lanterns, which was nice, and me and my friend went to see the parade, but it got sort of boring, so we went to sit on the swings at the park, which we thought would be quite empty. We kind of got lost along the way though, I kind of took the long way round, and it was more crowded than we thought it would be, but we went on the roundabout and took some fun videos, but then we went to buy some candyfloss after, and realized that we'd left nearly all our money on the table at Four Lanterns, so we went back. There was a really nice guy there who found it, and he gave it back to us, which was good. With the left behind candyfloss money, we bought some batteries for Game Boys we found in my house, and also some strawberry sweets, which we ate while playing PAC-man on the way home. We also made these beautiful pictures, since we took a laptop to a place with no internet, but they're slightly bizarre:


What beautiful double chins.


  I also came across this video of the Opening Theme of Lucky Star, but Hayate Style: 

Hmm... that is pretty much all, although when I got on the bus today, it looked like this: 


It was fun getting past.

My blog's being weird lately, I probably messed up the code trying to do SCM Player HTML things that I barely understand, but I'm trying to un-wreck it all.











Why can't I make the pictures smaller?


Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

Wow, I used to love clubpenguin