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Ooh, friend!! Free food friend!

Helloo, the said graze box *1 has arrived, and it's a little smaller than I expected, but still, it looks like it tastes AWESOMELY AWESOME. I have to go and eat it with Pinkamena671 now. 


 I don't actually have the money to order any more at the moment.


It's also begun to snow where I am, so I've put a pastel snowy Blog-Switch up to say, "Yayy! Really late winter that'll probably last for like three days, but still, let celebrate this slightly!". I took the chatroom down because I think that there could possibly be nearly too many add-on sort of things on this blog with it, and it would be slightly bad if that happened, I think because people's laptops would maybe break.

Well, we ate it - the Graze box - and it was nice. Might get a second one. Personally the flapjacks and popcorn were my favourites.


*1:The free food that I mentioned in my last entry

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

Wow, I used to love clubpenguin