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I've been knitting a lot lately, and I got into an artswap. Also CHATROOM INFO

Heeheehee. The tests in my school ended, and now I have a whole weekend to do nothing.

But it's Sunday already. Oh well.

While I was studying, my friend told me about a Homestuck radio, called, which also has a chatroom.

And you can embed the said chatroom into your site by clicking on the top left button in the corner that says menu, and putting it in your header, sidebar or footer.*1

So that's what I did

I also went on CursorSwitch, and I got a blog cursor with hearts, but look at this cursor, with nyan cats and rainbows and ponies and everything!

But yeah, I've been knitting a lot lately, a drawing tablet sock, and my room is a huge mess with the ball of wool:



The tablet cover is about halfway done though.



Heeheehee. My friend told me to download Paint Tool SAI, and after the 30-day free trial period expires, just screenshot and crop the drawings, so I have, and it's fun.

But the chatroom, some people on it may not be from Hatena, it's pretty much a website inside a website or something, but yeah, it's okay to use now.

Okay, I have to go now, but I might do another entry later :)

*1:If you want to do this, this page is a useful link:

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

Wow, I used to love clubpenguin