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Deadphones, Maria The Maid's hairstyle and blog help :)

Well, I was reading Hayate The Goat *1 and listenening to some music, when the said music stopped playing through my headphones.

Like, it said on the screen that it was still going, but there was no sound.

And, sure, I mean the left ear had been getting quieter and quieter really slowly, but then the right ear just sort of went really suddenly. My headphones have died!!

What should I do with them now, I mean, if they don't really play music anymore, so I could use them as like earmuffs if I cut off the wires...

They are Deadphones. Hahaha. 

I can still use my earphones to listen to music, but, I liked those headphones, I mean I yarn-graffitied them and stuff!

But that's not the point.

While I was reading Hayate The Goat, I was wondering how Maria-san, Lady Nagi's maid ties her hair up like that. I mean, this is what it looks like...


It's like a ponytail, but clipped up with something.

And I was wondering about the clip, is it just a normal clip, or is it like a special Japanese clip or what? I wanna try to tie my hair up like that, you see. Maybe as a cosplay, but I just think it looks sort of cool.

Also, does anyone know how to change e-mail and password settings for Hatena accounts? I want to change mine,, since I got a new e-mail address and stuff. If I could do that, I could go back to using my old account again, which would be sort of nice.

And also, does anybody know hot to change a blog's sidebar font? I sort of want to make all of it the same colour and stuff.

But that's all for now, I'm meant to be studying, so I might not be back for a little while. I've got some tests tomorrow, but I'll be back sometime soon!!

Bye from 'Chelle, used to be cprockz/Beakers12:)

*1: I mean Hayate The Combat Butler, but that's what it sounds like if you translate it into Japanese. :) 

*2:Maria The Maid, a Hayate No Gotoku character. Also, this image is from

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