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Lidl and Studying. Also, I sort of broke my laptop a little bit

Well, I went to LIDL with my family a couple of days ago, which was fun. It's this store from Germany, where all the brand names are in German-ish, with names like "Vita-Sut", and the rest are... unreal, like "Snacky Cracky", or Wheet Bixies", look, I'll show you - 


Okay, that's sort of blurry, but one of the boxes says "Weetabix", and the other says "Wheet Bixies". I just couldn't get over it, so I've put it up here.

But I'm supposed to be studying. I have tests in January for school.

But it's a wee bit boring, just studying all day. But at least I have some M&Ms to eat while I do this.

*Eats some*

Oh. Oh this is weird. I'm listening to this song, "Misguided Ghosts"*1 and eating with these earphones in is just... really weird.


I just broke my laptop!! I dont know how! The screen orientation's gone all weird! No!!

f:id:CailinChelle:20140101184705j:plainOkay, that was actually easier to fix than I thought. It's okay now.


Okay, I have to go now, but see you all next week or what. Maybe.


Byeeee :)

*1:It's a song by Paramore, just in case you're wondering. I got this CD, Brand New Eyes for Christmas,  and I've just been listening to it a lot :) 

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