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Pipe Cleaners, Hair Accessories and Horses

Hi there!! I've been trying out a lot of crazy hairstyles lately, but first.....
Help me choose a colour! I'm going to make a hairband, like the one that the woman below is wearing...the p
...only in a different colour. The problem is, that I can't decide on a colour. Can you help? :)
But anyway, I did a LOT of last minute Christmas shopping recently, and yesterday, I bought these REALLY fluffy pipe cleaners, and they're soooooo fluffy, it's unreal!!
Hang on a minute, if I wind them all around each other, I could make a SUPER-MEGA-FLUFFY PIPE CLEANER...
But anyway, I've been doing a lot of weird things to my hair, just editing photos of it with my DSi and stuff. I also bought this wig in PoundLand, out of total randomness, and it is totally random. It's like a hairband, with strands of light purple hair coming out the back of it.
Also, I've been experimenting with a hairband, and I did a weird thing, where I gave myself a sort of fringe. It was sort of funny.*1
But anyway, I went shopping today with my sister, and there was a sort of horse outside the store. It was like, "You there!! What have you got in your hand?!", and "Heeeeelloooo!!", scaring people and stuff. It seemed like it had cameras for it's eyes and wires hanging around and stuff. It was funny. I should have taken a picture. Buuuuuuut...
...speaking of horses, my friend downloaded this game, it's called Off, I think, and she said it was fun and very addictive, but also that it put a load of viruses on her computer, like she opened a file, and it turned out to be a trojan horse, her computer went all red and weird, and she's going to uninstall it, but after she completes it.
Anyway, I kind of made a hair accessory. It's like a wrap thingy that used to be completely black, but it was all kind of wearing away, so I sort of reinforced it with denim and a ribbon. It was fun.

*1:I'm sorry if the eyes scare you, I'll disguise my face in a better way next time. :) 

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

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