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Yeah, I'm still alive. I write sometimes, and draw.

Articles by an Aspiring Animator Welcome to my blog about crazy stuff, and charmanders.
I write things sometimes. I'm really into androids these days.
Have fun on my blog!

Stuff and things!!

Heeheehee, guess who's about to begin their previously mentioned Rose Lalonde Laptop Cosy!...Well... Still not me, but I'm going to, really really soon! But first, though, I'm going to finish this alpaca scarf that was going to be a Christ…

Flipnote Hatena / Sudomemo / Paddy's Day / Beautiful Bus

JUST LOOK AT THIS. FLIPNOTE HATENA CAME BACK... sort-of. With much, much less spin-off abuse and all!! But you can't currently add stars. BUT STILL, I'm just happy about it. It has chatroooms too, but also, guess who's about to knit a Rose…

BUB's really cute.

Ohh, I think I have a new favourite website, it's called ☯ ☯ and it's really nice and like calm and stuff sometimes, when you can't decide what song to put on and stuff. My favourite is the last one with the derpy sleepy cat by th…

Look at this beautiful thing

// Post by Kick Ass Vines. Just beautiful.


The pastel blobs falling from the top of the screen are getting annoying, and I think the font colour is maybe a bit hard to read. Maybe I'll give this blog a makeover sometime soon.

Ooh, friend!! Free food friend!

Helloo, the said graze box *1 has arrived, and it's a little smaller than I expected, but still, it looks like it tastes AWESOMELY AWESOME. I have to go and eat it with Pinkamena671 now. I don't actually have the money to order any more at…


I really haven't blogged much for a little while I think, but that's just because of school, really, because it's boring. Although we made cake in HE yesterday and I had some for lunch, which was kind of nice. And we're reading Bridge toTe…

Helloo, my friend has a bloog :DDD

Heheheh. Google Translate can beatbox, I found out. But that is not the point! My friend got a new HatenaBlog, called Pinkamena Diane Pie. You can check it out by clicking on it if you want. But yesterday, we found some CDs in my house, fr…

Heeheehee... It's Harry Potter

This video... is insane. // Post by Chill Life!!

I've been knitting a lot lately, and I got into an artswap. Also CHATROOM INFO

Heeheehee. The tests in my school ended, and now I have a whole weekend to do nothing. But it's Sunday already. Oh well. While I was studying, my friend told me about a Homestuck radio, called, which also has a ch…


I made a new chatroom add-on thingy!! Sorry, this entry will be longer later. :) Maybe don't use it yet, I think I messed up the HTML, I'm not sure. But it's there, in case you're wondering about the big yellow thing. Be back tomorrow to f…

Deadphones, Maria The Maid's hairstyle and blog help :)

Well, I was reading Hayate The Goat *1 and listenening to some music, when the said music stopped playing through my headphones. Like, it said on the screen that it was still going, but there was no sound. And, sure, I mean the left ear ha…

Hayate The Goat

I've been reading this manga lately in, called Hayate The Combat Butler *1, and Hayate jumped off a train to save Nagi, his master, and, he landed just fine, and was getting to his feet when a truck just ran him over! He su…

Lidl and Studying. Also, I sort of broke my laptop a little bit

Well, I went to LIDL with my family a couple of days ago, which was fun. It's this store from Germany, where all the brand names are in German-ish, with names like "Vita-Sut", and the rest are... unreal, like "Snacky Cracky", or Wheet Bixi…

Merry Christmas! Here is your present!!

Merry Christmas! I've drawn this picture as your gift. :) Okay, I know that the hat is a little oversized, and the mouth is weird and all, but still, Merry Christmas. :) Byee!! :D


Merry Christmas!! Yaaaaaaaay!! There is a huge face right here, scaring me slightly. I got a laptop, you see, and my sister has drawn a picture, and set it as my backgroud, and I wasn't expecting it. Here, I'll show you... ...That's it, ri…

Pipe Cleaners, Hair Accessories and Horses

// Post by Chill Life!! Hi there!! I've been trying out a lot of crazy hairstyles lately, but first..... Help me choose a colour! I'm going to make a hairband, like the one that the woman below is wearing...the p ...only in a different col…

And you are like, "Who is this random??"

You might be sort of confused, like, "Who is this random, subscribing my blog?" It's me, 'Chelle, just I have a different ID now. :)

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

Wow, I used to love clubpenguin